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About Us

We are a family who specialize in private  safaris. Robin Hurt Safaris was established in 1975, and our  safaris operate under the very personal direction of Charlie, Mouse and Milo McConnell. Our trips are tailor made to suit your special interests. You are assured of comfort and great privacy, an off the beaten path adventure where you are unlikely to encounter other travellers, but plenty of wildlife.  

Should we not be able to take you ourselves, great care is taken to ensure your guides are the best in their profession, well known to us, with a great sense of humour, long experience in the bush and an intimate knowledge of Africa’s animals and its habits.

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Charlie McConnell was born in the Seychelles, and came to Kenya at the age of four. His parents had bought a beautiful farm in the foothills of Mount Kenya. Huge cedar forests bordered the farm and he and his sisters spent many hours playing and learning about the flora and fauna of Kenya. After a short service in the Royal Navy he worked for his brother-in-law Robin Hurt, helping to arrange safaris in the Sudan. He then worked as apprentice to Miles Burton, a well-known safari operator. In 1981 he joined Robin Hurt’s safari company.

He has run the photographic side of this business since then. Charlie’s interest in all things on safari make him an enthusiastic guide, his infectious fascination with everything from the huge elephants to the smallest harvester ants will give you a better understanding of the wilds of Africa.

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Mouse McConnell, Charlie’s wife, is also from a Kenya farming family. Educated in Kenya and France, she holds a French diploma in catering. She is responsible for all the mouth-watering food on your safari, including her own marmalade label. She has worked as a guide on safari for the last 25 years and has abroad knowledge of the wildlife, flora and fauna.   

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Milo McConnell was born in Nairobi in 1991 and grew up going on safari with his parents, Mouse & Charlie. Learning to read in camp with stories from Ryder Haggard and Bartle Bull, he started his love of the wilderness. Milo has a great eye for game spotting and through the years of being on safari, he has absorbed a huge amount of knowledge about the wildlife, the ecology, and the people of Kenya. Educated in Kenya and England he swiftly returned home after his time in the UK and he has worked as a safari guide ever since and on all kinds of safaris. Photographic, riding, fishing, quad biking, walking, and even one ill-advised sailing safari across most of Sub-Saharan Africa are just some of the adventures he has been lucky enough to go on so far. 


Milo is very social, enthusiastic, a great admirer of both bad and practical jokes, and always interested in people, which makes him excellent company on safari and a great guide. 

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Peter Tyrrell grew up in Kenya and has always been passionate about its wild spaces and its wildlife. After finishing his schooling in Kenya he attended Oxford University where he got an undergraduate degree in Biology and a PhD in Zoology. 


When not on safari, Peter works with many different organisations helping to develop new conservancies and to improve existing ones. 


Being very entertaining and knowledgeable about wildlife, Kenya and its wilderness makes Peter a truly interesting and enjoyable guide to have around.

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James Ndii is one of our best ornithological guides, and has experience with film crews as well as private travellers. Self-trained, James started his safari career with us many years ago. He has since gone on to work for some of the larger safari companies as a guide and is highly sought after.


His experience with wildlife documentaries helps him to find exactly the right animal in the right place and to make sure you have the right light for your photos! James is married with three children.

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Murray Levet was one of the best guides possible, not only could he find fantastic wildlife, but he could also make you laugh till your sides ached. He stays with us for ever.

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