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Other Destinations


While Kenya may be considered to be a fair representation of Africa as a whole, with its vastly varied terrain, wildlife and ecosystems, there is still much to see in the rest of the continent that will offer a similarly spectacular experience. 


You could, for instance, go and see gorillas in Rwanda or Uganda's misty forests, or visit chimpanzees in Tanzania in the extraordinary Mahale Mountains. A visit to the salt flats of Ethiopia as well as their remarkable, ancient Coptic churches. Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is also a tremendous sight, and you might also be keen to gallop across Botswana's Okavango Delta or shimmy down the hot sand dunes of Namibia. 

With a lifetime of experience in places all over Africa, we are in a good position to guide your itinerary while you're planning your holiday. 


The famous Ngorongoro crater with wonderful lodges looking down from the rim, into the caldera, is listed as  a "natural wonder of the world” is very beautiful, if not a little busy. To the north of the crater is Serengeti, with its endless grassy plains filled with wildlife. Also Ol Duvai Gorge, famous for its early signs of mankind. To the west is Lake Tanzania, one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world and The Mahale mountains, on the edge of the lake are famous for Jane Goodalls work on Chimpanzess and its a wonderful place to visit them in their natural habitat.One of the largest parks in East Africe is The Selous in the south of Tanzania, famous for large herds of elephants.. Not to forget Mount Kilimanjaro – a good climb for the fit and keen.


Rwanda with "The Mountains of the Moon" conjure up wonderful images in ones mind of thick rain forest, with lush vegegation and enormous silver back gorillas. It is a fast developing country with a very good atitiude towards wildlife and conservation of its wilderness areas.  Very comfortable lodges in the Virunga mountains and easy access from Nairobi to Kigale, make Rwanda an wonderful place to visit the great apes. These groups are well habituated and the guides can find them almost very day of the year. This can be done at the end of a safari, or even half way between camps.


From  Lake Victoria in the middle of the country, feeding the mighty Nile river, as it flows north towards Sudan and Egypt, and the dryer bushland of Murchison Falls, with its herds of elephants,  in the north. The forested mountians in the south west at Bwindi, with large troupes of habituated Gorillas, and other primates as well make Uganda a wonderful safari desitnation. There are some very good hotels and lodges in Uganda and it is also had good access from Nairobi. Easy to add on to a safari.


From the most beautiful ancient Coptic Christian churches and monestries in the north, like Lali Bella, and the Lake Tana islands,  to the undeveloped Omo river banks, home to some of the most traditional tribal people in Africa with all their traditional tribal customs and clothing still in everyday use, Ethiopia offers a wonderful cultural safari destination. Good access within the the north of the country using schedule flights makes travel easy. Guides are always incredibly well trained and have a vast knowledge of their history. The road network in the South allows for access to the tribal homes of the Suruma, the Mursi, the Dassenechs, amongst other tribes. There are some lovely lodges in the North.

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The seasonal Okovango Delta is rich in wildlife and excellent game viewing. This can be done by vehicle or by boat. Elephants feeding in the long grass and lions hunting on the water edge. Beautiful small lodges and permanent tented camps are built throughout the Delta and offer a fabulous chance to see this pristine wildlife area. It is important however, to get the right season. Costs are high but the experience is wonderful.


Namibia is scenically one of the most beautiful countries in Africa with its vast deserts and huge sanddunes. The aptly name Skeleton Coast, dramitic ship wrecks and crashing waves from the Atlantic meeting the dunes from the desert. The wildlife is all adapted to living in the desert, the elephants have extra long legs to climb up the sanddunes. The Gemsbok only need to drink a few times a month. The insects collect moisture by rolling dew down their backs in the early mornings. The gekkos bark. The Himba people of live in the desert, just below the Angola boarder on the Kunene River, are still living a traditional life style.

With a fabulous road network and schedule flights over this vast country, travel is easy. Most lodges and permanent tented camps are excellent.

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