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Mobile Tented Safaris


In 1976 Charlie guided his first safari. He was handed some keys to a safari vehicle, and instructed to find camp in Amboseli at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro in time for dinner. Having last been there as a child, it was a true adventure. Ever since then, Charlie and Mouse have been leading tented safaris across Kenya and beyond. We truly believe this is the very best way to see Africa, where you fully immerse yourself in the wilderness, leaving not a trace behind. Starting your days waking up in the cool, crisp dawn for a quick cup of tea or coffee before venturing out to find wildlife and ending them by the fire with the sounds of the African bush all around you is simply good for the soul.


Below are a few images of safari locations in Kenya - we can arrange camps almost anywhere depending on what you'd like to do, and see.

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The Masai Mara

West of the Great Rift Valley with its flamingo-fringed lakes, lies Maasai country. Here the green rolling hills and savannahs are covered with huge herds of plains game. In this region of abundant wildlife, species such as lion, leopard and cheetah are more easily seen. The Mara is the dry season grazing ground for the vast wildebeest and zebra herds: the world famous annual wildebeest migration, which moves between the Mara and Serengeti and, depending on the rains, remains in Kenya between July and October. The spectacle of nearly two million animals as far as the eye can see is unsurpassed anywhere in the world.

Laikipia and The Central Highlands

The central highlands near the Equator have the coolest climate. On the Aberdare mountain salient, you can see black-and-white Colobus monkeys leaping from tree to tree in the high forest canopy. It is also good leopard country. The nearby game ranches of the Laikipia Plateau, with their vast grasslands teeming with zebra, eland and other plains game, are exceptional for the stunning vistas and gorges. From here, you can usually see the majestic peaks of Mount Kenya as well as the Great Rift Valley. In various privately-owned sanctuaries on Laikipia one finds the largest remaining populations of wild black rhino.

The Northern Frontier

The parched grandeur of the north features a land of rugged, forested mountains rising sheer from the surrounding semi-arid bush country. The spectacular game reserves of Samburu, Shaba, Marsabit and Meru – as well as the Mathews and Ndotos mountain ranges – are home to elephant as well as to the beautiful reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, gerenuk and oryx. During a safari in the northern frontier district, you will come across nomadic Borana, Rendille, Turkana and Samburu herdsmen. Higher up in the forests you will find the solitary Ndorobo honey-hunters. It is in this northern part of the country that we operate our horse and camel safaris.

The Coast

East Africa has a coast line stretching several hundred miles. Along this are dotted hotels, lodges, and private houses: some remote and exclusive, some situated on beautiful coral beaches, others – ideal for water-sports – situated near creeks or sheltered harbours. A few nights at the coast is a lovely way to end a safari and we have our favourites to recommend, including resorts near the Swahili towns of Lamu and Zanzibar, as well as sail boats for SCUBA diving off the exotic island of Pemba.The finest spot of all, hidden near the mouth of a river in Eastern Kenya, is the Delta Dunes Camp. Idyllically situated, sprawled across huge white sand dunes, among centuries-old baobab trees, tall tamarinds and doulm palms, this is one of the remotest places to stay in the country. Surrounded by spectacular bird life, you travel to camp by boat, and on some river sections you pass close by pods of hippo and giant Nile crocodiles. This is an ideal honeymoon or anniversary destination.

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Kenya has some truly remarkable lodges and hotels and we always stay at two or three while camp is being moved. For those who prefer a safari staying only in these places, we are always willing to make such arrangements for you, and ensure that you receive something of the very personal attention that we provide on our tented safaris. On these itineraries we can lay on a safari vehicle and guide (to accompany you throughout) or, if preferred, book air charters and arrange for local transport. Prices can be very competitive or hugely expensive – depending on the calibre of lodges to be visited. All lodges and camps we use are in first class wildlife areas.

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Have a look through a few of these sample itineraries to get an idea of what a safari with us is like. We can tailor your trip to create the ideal safari for what you need. 

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