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Robin Hurt Safaris - Lolldaiga Camp

Lolldaiga Hills Ranch is a 49,000 acre livestock ranch and wildlife conservancy. Being just 20 kilometres northwest of Mount Kenya grants the Ranch some of the most outstanding views of the Mountain that Laikipia has to offer. The Lolldaiga Range is an ancient land form, consisting of a series of magnificent high folding hills, cedar forests, open grassland and wooded valleys. A well documented series of archaeological finds, cave paintings and burial mounds show that the Lolldaiga Hills have been a treasured home since early mankind. Our camp, tucked against a hill, is one of our favourites. The sweeping plains in front of your tent are often full of gazelles, giraffes, zebra and the occasional elephant. The sounds of the campfire as the world comes to life around you in the evenings are unforgettable. To fill your days there are delicious picnics on the edge of the elephants' favourite dams, walks through the beautiful cedars and sundowners atop a rock looking out over the most breathtaking part of the world. If ever a cliche were to be acceptable, it would be when we tell you that Lolldaiga truly is magical.

Lolldaiga Kenya Map for RHS.jpg
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