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Robin Hurt Safaris - Meru Camp

Meru lies to the north of Kora National Park, home of George Adamson, Christian, and numerous other rambunctious lions, whose antics have been so brilliantly recounted in Born Free and Christian the Lion. When in this part of the world, you are truly in the wild. A baking sun, a river filled with wildlife, doum palm trees, elephants, waterfalls, rugged views. A place of adventure, of stories, and of the most sought after G&T sundowners you’ll ever come across. Northern Kenya is a world of its own, contrasting so greatly to the green plains of the Mara, the blue hills of Lolldaiga and the damp forests of the Aberdare mountain range. A secluded camp with the river running by, a mess tent with wonderfully cool breezes coming in off the water and Peter, the inestimable chef who will ensure you’ll need to let your trousers out at the end of every meal. 

Meru Kenya Map for RHS.jpg
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