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Robin Hurt Safaris - Shaba Camp

Shaba, a spectacular game reserve in the Northern Frontier District, is one of our favourite spots in East Africa. Home to elephants as well as to the beautiful reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, gerenuk and oryx, cats and multitudes of other species, you will never tire of the park’s breathtakingly beautiful scenery. The lack of other tourists grants us 60,000 acres of private bliss, as we cruise across golden plains, bordered by giant palms and as we walk down the gorge of the Ewaso Nyiro River, it’s muddy banks home to masses of flora and fauna.


Our beautiful riverside camp has been our Shaba home for the better part of twenty-one years, it is filled with stories and memories, the crocodiles by the campfire, the thunder of lions roaring and the sound of the wind through the doum palms add to the pure adventure that is Shaba. You will enjoy delicious and delectable dishes created by Mouse and our wonderful chefs. Joseph and Joseph, your charming waiters, will ensure you are never without a drink, the team will keep your tent as comfortable as can be and will always greet you with a smile, for we all love Shaba.

Shaba Kenya Map for RHS.jpg
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