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The Musings of a Mouse - February 2018

Talek River, Masai Mara

Rain storms building and since had the most spectacular floods. Camps too close to the rivers have been washed away.

March ‘18

Rocky Hollow, cool, rainy days.

There is something about sitting on the banks of the Nile, in Uganda, watching the water slide by on its way to the Mediterranean on Christmas day that is wonderful. Murchison Falls National Park was full of different game, with plenty of Pattas Monkey (whose habitat in Kenya has been completely destroyed by over grazing of elephants and giraffe). Uganda Kob and of course the wonderful chimpanzees of Budongo Forest. Elephants swimming in the river, eating the papyrus and plenty of fat hippos and the Nile crocodile.

We found the rather bizarre and rare shoebill stork hiding in the delta region. Boat trips up the river to see the Murchison Falls themselves, where this huge river, the Victoria Nile is forced through a gorge, on the Western edge of the Albertine rift valley which is 7 m wide and falls 43 meters, the power and pressure of the water is phenomenal. We were lucky enough to have a lion expert with us in camp, who took us tracking some days and told us the history of the prides we saw. A little fishing for Nile Perch in the eddies with wriggling worms from the mud.

We were back to Kenya for the New Year, and we have been on and off safari since then. Last week we were with four lioness teaching their teenage cubs to hunt buffalo, and most importantly how to dodge out of their way if they turn quickly.

Followed closely by two great house parties. Firstly at Laragai, where we celebrated a school friends 60th birthday party, (she was my senior at school), and I decided that we weren’t so shabby for old bats! Such a privilege to celebrate so many birthdays with a friend.

Then we went to Sosian – to celebrate the life of Tristan, taken too soon. Riding horses with the elephants, lovely long lunches with home grown roast lamb and excellent red wine. High entertainment with one girlfriend who had a current lover, and ex lover and a hopeful lover all waiting to sit next to her at supper!! I am now sitting with my foot up having sprained my ankle. My father and Charlie always say that if someone tells you they got bucked off a horse, it’s because they were not squeezing hard enough with their knees, and that is exactly what happened to me!!

We have an excellent safari season coming up – we are looking forward to seeing old friends and new friends in camp.


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